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Five Sustainable Christmas Jumpers We Know You'll Love

2 mins read. Published on 22 Oct 21, Updated on 01 Jun 23.
Five Sustainable Christmas Jumpers We Know You'll Love
Discover our favourite sustainable Christmas jumper brands that won't cost the planet.
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Are Christmas Jumpers really that environmentally damaging?

Its coming to the that time of year- rightly or wrongly- when we all buy a Christmas jumper. Although often viewed as harmless fun helping you to get into the festive spirit, this can come at huge environmental cost. 

The Christmas jumper has been described by a spokeswoman for environmental charity Hubbub as œone of the worst examples of fast fashion warning that up to 95% of them are made using plastic posing a massive environmental threat. However, buying a sustainable Christmas jumper can be a much more environmentally conscious option.

Below we have listed our favourite sustainable Christmas jumper brands that will help you to get into the festive spirit without costing the planet! If you're looking to shop for Christmas, have a look at our selection of eco christmas gifts.

1. Woolovers 

Woolovers offer a fantastic Christmas jumper/ Christmas cardigan range, with both a womens collection and a men's collection that is bound to get you into the festive spirit!

Credits: Woolovers

All the jumpers and cardigans in the range are made with 100% high quality wool with no plastic in sight! In addition to this, these jumpers feature beautiful, classic designs meaning theyll last you throughout the entire winter season¦and given their quality youll want to! 


2. British Christmas Jumpers 

The British Christmas Jumpers Christmas Eco Collection provides a great sustainable alternative to your usual Christmas jumper. 

Credits: British Christmas Jumpers

This collection is made from recycled cotton, blended with recycled plastic bottles creating a super soft material without compromising on quality. Our favourite design in this collection is the personised Red Nordic Fairisle Eco Christmas Jumper- its one youll want to re-wear year after year!

3. Tommy & Lottie

Tommy & Lottie have introduced a Christmas sweatshirt collection- not your typical Christmas jumper!

Credits: Tommy & Lottie

The collection is made with 85% organic cotton and 15% recycled polyester/plastic bottles which is a much more sustainable option than a regular Christmas jumper. Furthermore, the collection is designed to be not just for Christmas so you can re-use this sweatshirt even when the festive season is over!

Finally, £2 from every sale is donated to Ocean generation via Work for Good helping to protect Polar Bears, marine wildlife and our oceans.

4. Not Just 

Not Just have created a sustainable Christmas jumper collection that will help to get you into the Christmas spirit¦ From funny slogans to clever puns, these Christmas jumpers are sure to bring a smile to your face!

Credits: Not Just

All the products from Not Just are designed, produced, and distributed domestically in the UK to ensure all knits are made in fair and ethical conditions whilst keeping carbon emissions low. This collection is a great sustainable alternative if your heart is set on buying a novelty Christmas jumper!

5. Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro have introduced both a Womens vintage Christmas jumper range and a Mens vintage Christmas jumper range- all jumpers are stylish, fantastic quality and pre-loved! 

Credits: Beyond Retro

What we love about these Christmas jumpers is that they are pre-loved meaning that they are not contributing to additional greenhouse emissions through fabric production and they are not contributing land fill wastage!


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