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Here, at The Loving Nature Remedies, we hand make effective and safe products that are free from any synthetic chemicals, additives or fillers.


Our natural remedies and skin/hair care products come in plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging and wrapping.


We’re based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, and we are so proud to be working alongside great suppliers that tirelessly campaign for healthy, humane and sustainable food, farming and land use.


We carefully verify they are registered and certified by the competent authorities – The Leaping Bunny (Cruelty-Free), The Soil Association (Organic), The Vegan Society (Vegan) and that the ingredients they sell are pure and unrefined. Every day our amazing customers and partners continue to sustain our growth, and we are truly grateful for their support and trust!


We are also proud that we have adhered to our original mission – to only make natural skin and hair care products and natural remedies using nothing synthetic or artificial. No GMO’s or nasties, only nourishing, healthy and safe ingredients you can trust. We will continue to pursue this mission without hesitating or compromising on quality.


You, our customers, and all the people we love, that made it all possible, deserve nothing less! Our products We are entirely committed to healthy, happy people with healthy skin and hair, and to a greener planet. We think that a great company should stand behind a natural product and believe in what it can do.


All-natural and organic skincare products help us maintain a clean and healthy body, safely and delicately. That is the reason why choosing to buy natural and organic skincare products, makes perfect sense! All our products are Certified and Fully Compliant with all UK/EU Cosmetics Regulations and are freshly handmade in small batches using the best and purest ingredients.


What you can count on when buying our products:

• Long-lasting and effective formulas

• No harmful synthetic chemicals

• Made with certified organic ingredients

• Safe, tested and fully certified

• Genetically modified free

• Never tested on animals (just on us)

• Environmentally friendly packaging

• Handmade with love and care in the UK


We really are a small family business. We accomplish all we do with a small, dedicated and passionate team and we love the work we do!


We’re meticulous in the selection of suppliers, raw materials and packaging and we’re always ‘hands-on’ during the entire manufacturing process. Therefore, we consistently make high-quality and safe products for our customers. Our good for the planet Every step, large or small, benefits the world and can make a difference! Renewable energy – our workshop and office are powered by green energy that comes from 100% renewable sources (wind, solar or hydro-power). We also use solar energy for production and daily work activities from our own solar panels. Sustainable packaging – we replaced all our plastic jars with aluminium tins as an Eco-friendly and more sustainable option. We use glass bottles and avoid plastic as much as possible in our packaging.


Minimising waste:

• We have reduced our postage ‘footprint’ by reducing the size and the actual amount of packaging we use for sending items and by going 100% plastic-free

• Corrugated rolls are being used as protective padding/cushioning manufactured from recycled paper which is also fully recyclable

• If needed, we use EcoFlo void fill. It is made from starch in a single-stage process (uses a lot less energy compared with the manufacturing process for the polystyrene version, which is multi-stage). It is 100% compostable, biodegradable and fully soluble when immersed in water

• Plain brown paper is also being used (from sustainable forestry sources)

• We send the orders in plastic-free paper padded envelopes, 100% biodegradable and recyclable or in recyclable green jiffy bags. These bags have a natural, 100% recycled, paper fibre lining; therefore they are a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to plastic bubble wrapping

• Printing is made on recycled paper that comes from 100% post-consumer waste

• We only use plastic-free, eco-friendly paper tape


Shipping & transport – we try our best to use the most environmentally friendly delivery services. We use Royal Mail to send the small parcels. Their ambition is to switch to electric-powered vehicles and have a target of making 100,000 of their cars fully electric by 2025. For some of the larger parcels, we use DPD (a Carbon Neutral delivery service) Reducing fossil fuel use – we don’t drive to work and heat the working spaces with electrical heaters. We buy our ingredients and supplies in bulk with less frequency to minimise trips.

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