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Sustainable Facial Cleansers: The Benefits Of Natural Ingredients

Published on 06 May 23, Updated on 01 Jun 23.
Sustainable Facial Cleansers: The Benefits Of Natural Ingredients

Sustainable facial cleansers are becoming more popular as people seek to reduce their impact on the environment and live a more natural lifestyle. These cleansers are made from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and free from harmful chemicals.

Not only are sustainable facial cleansers better for the environment, but they also have numerous benefits for the skin. Natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, and green tea are known for their soothing and healing properties, making them ideal for those with sensitive skin or conditions such as acne or rosacea. In this article, we will explore the benefits of using natural ingredients in facial cleansers and recommend some of our favourite sustainable options.

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Benefits Of Natural Ingredients

Using natural ingredients in your facial cleanser has many benefits that not only improve your skin but also the environment.

Gentle On Skin

Natural ingredients in facial cleansers are gentle on the skin, preventing harsh chemicals from stripping the skin of its natural oils. This results in a more balanced and healthier complexion.

Sustainable Packaging

The use of natural ingredients in facial cleansers has a positive impact on the environment, but the packaging of these products can also contribute. Many sustainable facial cleansers use recycled or biodegradable packaging, which reduces plastic waste and promotes eco-friendly practices.

No Harmful Chemicals

Natural facial cleansers typically do not contain harmful chemicals like parabens or sulfates. These chemicals can be irritating to the skin and can have negative long-term effects on the body.


Many natural facial cleansers are also cruelty-free, meaning they have not been tested on animals. This promotes better treatment of animals and helps sustain ethical business practices.


Natural ingredients in facial cleansers contain essential vitamins and minerals that nourish the skin. These ingredients provide a more natural source of nutrients that can help improve overall skin health.

Why Choose Sustainable Facial Cleansers

If you are an eco-conscious person who is looking to learn more about sustainability and sustainable shopping, then you might be interested in knowing about the benefits of using sustainable facial cleansers that are made with natural ingredients. Here are some reasons why you should choose sustainable facial cleansers:

Good for Your Skin

Sustainable facial cleansers are made with natural ingredients like essential oils, plant extracts, and organic substances that are gentle on your skin. These ingredients help to unclog pores, remove dirt and impurities, and nourish your skin to keep it looking healthy, vibrant, and youthful. They are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances that can cause skin irritations and other reactions.

Better for the Environment

Sustainable facial cleansers are made with ingredients that are sourced from sustainable and renewable resources. They are free of harmful chemicals and toxins that can pollute waterways, harm wildlife, and damage the environment. They are packaged in eco-friendly containers that can be recycled, reused, or composted to reduce waste and minimize your carbon footprint.

Supports Ethical and Fair Trade Practices

Sustainable facial cleansers are often made by companies that support ethical and fair trade practices. They work with local communities to source ingredients and provide fair wages and working conditions to farmers and workers. They are committed to promoting social and environmental responsibility in their business practices and supply chains.

Top Natural Ingredients For Facial Cleansers

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular natural ingredient used in facial cleansers due to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing properties. It helps to soothe and moisturize the skin while removing dirt and impurities gently.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is another natural ingredient used in facial cleansers as it has incredible cleansing properties without stripping the skin of its natural oils. It also contains lauric acid, which can help fight bacteria and acne.

3. Green Tea

Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce redness and inflammation in the skin.

4. Chamomile

Chamomile is known for its calming properties and is often included in facial cleansers for its ability to soothe irritated skin. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory which makes it great for soothing acne-prone skin.

5. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is another popular natural ingredient used in facial cleansers due to its ability to balance skin oils. It is similar to our skin's natural oils which allows it to penetrate deep into the skin to remove impurities while moisturizing the skin at the same time. These are just a few of the top natural ingredients used in facial cleansers. By using products that contain natural ingredients, not only are you doing good for your skin, but also for the environment. So, this is a small but significant step towards sustainable shopping.

How To Incorporate Sustainable Facial Cleansers Into Your Routine

1. Understand Your Skin Type

Before incorporating any new facial cleanser into your routine, it is important to understand your skin type. This will help you select the right cleanser for your skin type and avoid any potential skin irritation or breakouts. Take the time to research and identify your skin type, whether it is oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.

2. Read Labels

To ensure that you are choosing a sustainable facial cleanser, take the time to read the labels on the products you are considering. Look out for key sustainable buzzwords such as "organic", "cruelty-free", and "vegan". Avoid products with harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

3. Incorporate Cleanser Into Your Morning and Nighttime Routine

Once you have selected a sustainable facial cleanser that is suitable for your skin type, it is time to incorporate it into your daily routine. Use the cleanser both in the morning and at night to ensure that your skin stays clean and refreshed. Massage the cleanser into your skin in circular motions, avoiding the eye area.

4. Use With Other Sustainable Skincare Products

Incorporating sustainable facial cleansers into your routine is just one step towards a more eco-friendly skincare routine. To maximize the benefits, pair your cleanser with other sustainable skincare products such as toner, moisturizer, and sunscreen. This will help to ensure that your skincare routine is sustainable and eco-conscious.

Incorporating sustainable facial cleansers into your skincare routine is easy and beneficial for both your skin and the environment. By taking the time to select the right product for your skin type, reading labels, and using it consistently with other sustainable skincare products, you can enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients and a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Impact Of Conventional Cleansers On The Environment

Many conventional facial cleansers contain synthetic chemicals that are harmful to the environment. These chemicals are often not biodegradable, and they can accumulate in waterways, soil, and air, leading to pollution and other environmental problems. Additionally, the production of conventional cleansers may involve unsustainable practices, such as the use of non-renewable resources and the generation of hazardous waste. As such, using conventional cleansers can have a significant negative impact on the environment.

Water Pollution

One of the main ways that conventional cleansers impact the environment is through water pollution. When people use facial cleansers containing synthetic chemicals, these chemicals can enter the water supply when the cleanser is washed off the face. Over time, these chemicals can accumulate in bodies of water, causing harm to aquatic organisms and the ecosystem as a whole. In addition, these chemicals may find their way into drinking water, posing a risk to human health.

Non-Renewable Resources

Another way that conventional cleansers impact the environment is through the use of non-renewable resources. Many of the ingredients used in these cleansers are derived from petroleum or other non-renewable sources. The production of these materials can lead to environmental degradation, such as oil spills, habitat destruction, and air pollution. Additionally, the use of such materials contributes to the depletion of these resources and increases our dependence on them.

Choosing The Right Sustainable Facial Cleanser For Your Skin Type

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, it's important to choose a facial cleanser that won't leave your skin feeling greasy or overly moisturized. Look for a cleanser with natural ingredients like tea tree oil or charcoal to help absorb excess oil and leave your skin feeling refreshed. Avoid cleansers with heavy oils, as these can lead to further breakouts.

Dry Skin

For those with dry skin, a gentle, hydrating cleanser is crucial. Look for a cleanser with ingredients like aloe vera or coconut oil, which can help soothe and moisturize dry, flaky skin. Avoid cleansers with harsh chemicals or sulfates, which can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it feeling even drier.

Combination Skin

If you have combination skin, finding the right cleanser can be a little trickier. To balance the needs of both oily and dry areas, look for a cleanser with gentle, natural ingredients like calendula or chamomile. These can help soothe and hydrate dry areas while also keeping oily areas under control.

Sensitive Skin

For those with sensitive skin, it's important to choose a gentle, non-irritating cleanser. Look for a fragrance-free, natural cleanser with ingredients like gentle chamomile or cucumber extract. Avoid cleansers with harsh chemicals or exfoliants, as these can further irritate sensitive skin. No matter your skin type, choosing a sustainable facial cleanser with natural ingredients is a great way to not only take care of your skin but also reduce your environmental impact. By opting for natural, eco-conscious cleansers, you can feel good about both your skin and your contribution to a more sustainable future.

DIY Sustainable Facial Cleansers At Home

Why Should You Make Your Own Facial Cleansers?

Making your own facial cleansers at home is a sustainable and eco-friendly way of taking care of your skin. It enables you to use natural ingredients that are safe for your skin and the environment. By making your own cleansers, you have more control over what goes into your skincare products, and you can avoid harmful chemicals that are often found in store-bought cleansers. Moreover, you'll save money in the long run, reduce waste, and lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

What Natural Ingredients Can You Use?

There are various natural ingredients you can use to make your own facial cleansers at home. Some popular choices include:
  • Baking soda: It gently exfoliates and balances the skin's pH.
  • Oatmeal: It soothes and cleanses the skin and absorbs excess oil.
  • Honey: It moisturizes and cleanses the skin and has antibacterial properties.
  • Cucumber: It hydrates, refreshes, and soothes the skin.
  • Coconut oil: It moisturizes, removes makeup, and has antibacterial properties.

Simple Recipes To Try

Here are some simple, sustainable, and cost-effective DIY facial cleanser recipes you can try at home:
  • Baking soda and honey cleanser: Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with one tablespoon of honey and massage gently onto your face. Rinse with warm water.
  • Oatmeal and yogurt cleanser: Mix two tablespoons of plain yogurt with one tablespoon of oatmeal and massage gently onto your face. Rinse with warm water.
  • Cucumber and aloe vera cleanser: Blend half a cucumber with two tablespoons of aloe vera gel until smooth. Apply onto your face and leave for five minutes. Rinse with warm water.
  • Coconut oil and lemon cleanser: Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with a few drops of lemon juice and massage gently onto your face. Rinse with warm water.

The Future Of Sustainable Skincare


The cosmetics industry is moving towards sustainability to ensure that they become more eco-friendly. Skincare brands have started using natural ingredients to produce facial cleansers that are sustainable and eco-conscious. The future of sustainable skincare is bright as more and more brands are shifting to green solutions.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Using natural ingredients such as natural oils, plant extracts, and minerals, facial cleansers have become more beneficial to the skin. Natural ingredients provide the skin with the necessary nutrients; they are gentle enough to not cause any harm to the skins natural barrier. Natural ingredients also have a lower environmental impact compared to synthetic ingredients, which can cause long-term damage to the environment.

How Sustainable Skincare Benefits the Environment

Sustainable skincare brands, by using natural and organic ingredients, have made a positive impact on the environment. They use environmentally friendly packaging that is reusable, biodegradable, or recyclable, which does not take up space in landfills. They also reduce the carbon footprint by using eco-friendly transportation methods.

The Role of Eco-conscious Customers in the Future of Sustainable Skincare

Eco-conscious customers are playing a critical role in shaping the future of sustainable skincare. They demand products that are eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and use natural and organic ingredients. They are willing to pay more for products that align with their values and help reduce the carbon footprint.


The future of sustainable skincare is more important than ever, and it is essential for skincare brands to embrace eco-friendly practices. Consumers are more aware of the impact of their choices on the environment, and sustainable skincare is the way forward. With the help of natural ingredients and eco-friendly practices, skincare brands can provide products that are effective and environmentally responsible.
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