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Sustainable Sips: Ethical Coffee Brands You Need To Try

7 mins read. Published on 25 Apr 23, Updated on 05 Jun 23.
Sustainable Sips: Ethical Coffee Brands You Need To Try

Coffee is the world's second-most traded commodity and has become a part of our daily routine. Despite its popularity, the coffee industry is not always ethical or sustainable. From exploiting laborers to polluting the environment, coffee can have a significant impact on people and our planet.

However, ethical coffee brands are taking steps to ensure they not only produce quality coffee but also prioritize fair trade practices and eco-friendly production methods. In this article, we introduce you to some of the sustainable coffee brands you need to try. Not only will you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, but you will also support companies that care about social responsibility and sustainability.

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Top Ethical Coffee Brands To Try

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

One of the best ethical coffee brands to try if you want to support fair trade practices is Equal Exchange. This brand sources coffee beans directly from small-scale farmers and cooperatives around the world. They make sure that farmers are paid fair prices for their coffee, and they also work to promote sustainable farming practices.

Organic Coffee Brands

If you're looking for organic coffee brands, consider trying out Allegro Coffee. This brand is committed to sourcing their coffee beans from farmers who use sustainable farming practices, such as composting, water conservation, and shade-grown coffee. Allegro Coffee also works to promote biodiversity and soil health in coffee-producing regions.

Bird-Friendly Coffee Brands

If you want to support bird-friendly coffee brands, look for the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center's Bird-Friendly certification. One such brand is Birds and Beans. This brand sources their coffee beans from farmers who utilize bird-friendly farming practices, such as growing coffee under shaded canopies. This helps to promote biodiversity and conservation efforts for migratory birds.

Direct Trade Coffee Brands

Another ethical coffee brand to try is Counter Culture Coffee. They source their coffee beans directly from farmers and cooperatives, paying fair prices and building long-term relationships with them. This helps to promote transparency and sustainability throughout the coffee supply chain.

Sustainably Sourced Coffee Beans

Sustainably sourced coffee beans are those that are produced while prioritizing the well-being of the environment and the people involved in the production process. These coffee beans are grown and harvested using sustainable methods that do not harm the natural resources of the region where they are cultivated. They are also typically purchased at a fair price that benefits the farmers and workers who produced them.

Why Choose Sustainably Sourced Coffee Beans?

By choosing sustainably sourced coffee beans, you are supporting ethical coffee brands that prioritize the welfare of our planet and its people. Sustainably sourced coffee is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, protecting the health of the land, water, and wildlife in the area. The farmers and workers who grow and harvest these beans are also paid fairly for their labor, helping to improve their quality of life and supporting the local economy.

How Can You Find Sustainably Sourced Coffee Brands?

When shopping for coffee, look for certifications like Fair Trade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance. These certifications guarantee that the coffee beans have been sustainably and ethically produced, and that the farmers and workers involved in the production process have been paid fairly. You can also research ethical coffee brands online to find options that align with your values.

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

If you're looking for ethically sourced coffee brands, then fair trade is the way to go. Fair trade coffee ensures that coffee farmers are paid fairly for their labor and produce. This means that you can enjoy your cup of joe while also supporting farmers in developing countries. Here are some fair trade coffee brands you should try:

Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative that specializes in fair trade coffee. They work directly with small farmers to ensure that they receive fair wages and prices for their coffee. Equal Exchange offers a variety of coffee blends and single-origin coffees from Africa, Latin America, and Asia.


Caf©direct is a UK-based fair trade coffee brand that works with small-scale farmers in developing countries. They offer a range of organic and fair trade coffee blends, as well as coffee pods and instant coffee.

Puro Coffee

Puro Coffee is a fair trade coffee brand that exclusively sources coffee from Rainforest Alliance certified farms. They work with farmers in Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, and Ethiopia to produce high-quality, sustainable coffee.

Wandering Bear

Wandering Bear is a US-based fair trade coffee brand that offers a range of organic and fair trade coffee blends. They sell their coffee in portable and eco-friendly cartons, making it a great option for on-the-go coffee lovers.

Tiny Footprint Coffee

Tiny Footprint Coffee is a carbon negative coffee brand that sources its coffee from fair trade and organic certified farms. They plant trees in the rainforest to offset the carbon emissions from their coffee production, making it a sustainable choice for eco-conscious coffee lovers.

Eco-Friendly Coffee Roasters

If you're an eco-conscious coffee lover, finding a sustainable and ethical coffee brand is essential. Eco-friendly coffee roasters prioritize environmentally friendly coffee farming practices, fair and ethical trade relationships, and sustainable packaging.

Counter Culture Coffee

Counter Culture Coffee is committed to promoting sustainability across their entire supply chain. They source their coffee beans directly from farmers who follow environmentally responsible growing practices, and they pay their farmers above-market prices for their high-quality products. You can find their coffee in compostable bags made with renewable materials.

Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee's sustainable farming practices and ethical sourcing make it an excellent choice for eco-conscious coffee lovers. They prioritize shade-grown coffee, which promotes biodiversity and provides habitat for migratory birds. Their packaging is also sustainable, with compostable coffee bags that can break down in the landfill.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Stumptown Coffee Roasters is dedicated to sustainability across their supply chain, from ethical sourcing to sustainable packaging. They partner with small farmers, co-ops, and importers who prioritize environmental responsibility, and their packaging is made with renewable and compostable materials.

If you want to enjoy your coffee in an eco-friendly way, make sure to look for coffee from these sustainable and ethical coffee brands.

Organic Coffee Brands

When it comes to sustainable coffee brands, organic options are a popular choice among eco-conscious consumers. Organic coffee is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, which can have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. Here are a few organic coffee brands to consider:

Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse Coffee is a Canadian company that sources organic, fair trade coffee from around the world. They roast their beans in small batches and offer a variety of blends and single-origin options. They also prioritize sustainability throughout their operations, using biodegradable bags and working to reduce their carbon footprint. These are just a few of the many organic coffee brands available for eco-conscious consumers. When shopping for coffee, look for certifications such as USDA Organic and Fair Trade to ensure that your purchase is an ethical and sustainable choice.

Ethical Coffee Companies

Fair Trade Coffee Companies

Fair trade coffee companies strive to work with farmers who receive fair payment for their coffee beans. This means that the farmers receive a reasonable price for their product rather than being taken advantage of by large corporations. Some fair trade coffee companies also support environmental sustainability by using organic and environmentally-friendly farming practices.

Direct Trade Coffee Companies

Direct trade coffee companies work directly with coffee farmers, cutting out the middlemen and allowing for a more transparent and fair business relationship. This allows for greater control over the quality of the coffee as well as ensuring that the farmers receive a fair price for their product.

Organic Coffee Companies

Organic coffee companies use only organic farming practices, which means that no harmful pesticides or chemicals are used in the growing and production process. This ensures that the coffee is free from harmful substances that could harm the environment, wildlife and people who consume it. Additionally, organic coffee farms tend to prioritize environmental sustainability by using sustainable growing practices.

Carbon Neutral Coffee Companies

Carbon neutral coffee companies offset their carbon emissions by investing in carbon-reducing initiatives like renewable energy and reforestation projects. This means that the production and transportation of the coffee is offset by initiatives that actively reduce carbon emissions, creating a net-zero carbon footprint.

Green Coffee Brands

When it comes to sustainable coffee, green coffee brands are leading the way. These companies focus on ethical and environmentally friendly methods of production, ensuring that the beans are grown using sustainable farming methods. One of the most well-known green coffee brands is Caf© Direct. The company works directly with smallholder farmers in South America, Africa, and Asia to ensure that they receive a fair price for their beans, and that the coffee is grown using sustainable methods. Caf© Direct has also made a commitment to using only 100% Fairtrade coffee beans. Another great green coffee brand is Bird & Wild. Their coffee is certified organic and Fairtrade, and they work with the RSPB to protect wildlife habitats, making it a great choice for eco-conscious coffee drinkers. Plus, their packaging is fully compostable, making it a more sustainable option than traditional coffee packaging. For those who prefer to buy their coffee locally, look for green coffee brands that are based in your country or region. For example, in the UK, Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is a great choice. Their coffee is ethically sourced, and they have made a commitment to carbon neutrality, making them a great option for those who want to support sustainable businesses.

Other Green Coffee Brands

Other green coffee brands to check out include: - Blue Bottle Coffee: A US-based company that prioritizes sustainability, transparency, and ethical sourcing. - Caravan Coffee Roasters: A UK-based company that focuses on ethical sourcing and reducing waste. - Kicking Horse Coffee: A Canadian company that is 100% organic and Fairtrade. - Counter Culture Coffee: A US-based company that is committed to sustainability and ethical sourcing. - Grumpy Mule: A UK-based company that is Rainforest Alliance certified and committed to supporting smallholder farmers. No matter where you live, there is sure to be a green coffee brand that aligns with your values and supports sustainable coffee production. Sustainable Sips: Ethical Coffee Brands You Need To Try

Environmentally Conscious Coffee Producers

Organic Coffee Companies

Organic coffee companies grow their beans without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers. This ensures that the coffee is safe for consumption and does not damage the environment or contribute to pollution. Some popular organic coffee companies include:

  • Equal Exchange
  • Dean's Beans
  • Allegro Coffee

Shade-Grown Coffee Producers

Shade-grown coffee is grown under a canopy of trees, which provides a habitat for birds and other wildlife. This type of coffee cultivation is beneficial for the environment and helps to maintain biodiversity. Some popular shade-grown coffee producers include:

  • Bird-friendly coffee
  • Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee

Fair Trade Coffee Brands

Fair trade coffee companies ensure that farmers are paid fairly for their work and that they receive a fair price for their coffee. This helps to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions of coffee farmers and their families. Some popular fair trade coffee brands include:

  • Higher Ground Roasters
  • Larry's Coffee
  • Coffee Bean Direct
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