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10 Sustainable DIY Projects You'll Love

4 mins read. Published on 13 Jan 22, Updated on 15 Nov 22.
10 Sustainable DIY Projects You'll Love
We have selected our 10 favourite sustainable DIY projects for you.
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Sustainability is at the heart of all that we do at The Good Boutique- so we thought we would share with you some of our favourite sustainable DIY sustainable projects that will look great in your home or will make a fantastic gift for friends and family!

When it comes to craft projects, we believe that nothing is off-limits. From empty jars to swatches of fabric, there are plenty of ways to recycle objects around the house and turn them into brand-new items! Not only do these zero-waste DIY projects help reduce your clutter, but they also help keep it from accumulating in landfills.

Why is reusing materials sustainable?

Of course, recycling certain materials like paper and empty jars is undoubtedly one way to be a bit more eco-friendly. However, finding a way to reuse these items by giving them a new life takes your sustainability efforts to the next level.

Reusing items reduces harmful waste matter deposits into the environment by minimizing waste deposits in landfills. Furthermore, reusing items helps save the environment as it reduces carbon emissions from waste deposits by reducing their accumulation, thus, helping to preserve natural resources. 

10 sustainable DIY projects 

1. Teacup lights 

Do you have an antique China cup collection gathering dust in a cupboard? Our Teacups lights DIY project could be perfect for you if the answer is yes! 

Try this creative trick for using up the leftover wax in your nearly finished candles by melting them down into a new set of charming teacup lights. 

Photo credits: Idealhome.co.uk

2. DIY dip-dyed candles 

Do you have any ordinary plain white pillar candles lying around your home? 

Brighten a set of ordinary pillar candles with this secret colouring ingredient¦ crayon shavings. A slow cooker will enable you to melt beeswax beads so that you can dip and dye to your heart's content. What's more, dip-dyed candles make a fantastic gift, or can be a cost-effective, sustainable way to brighten up your home. 


Photo credits: free people.com

3. DIY beeswax wrap 

Reduce the use of plastics and food waste in your kitchen by making eco-friendly beeswax wraps to use for food storage, keeping your food fresher for longer.

When trying to be more sustainable, a beeswax wrap is a fantastic reusable and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single-use plastic, counteracting environmental issues such as plastic pollution and food waste. Furthermore, beeswax wraps are breathable and allow food to stay fresh for longer, reducing food wastage and help to save you money! 

Beeswax wraps are also available on thegoodboutique.com if you would prefer to purchase one of our high-quality bees' wax wraps.


Photo credits: life infused.com


4. Recycled jumper pillow 

If you have any old Jumpers lying around, then this could be the perfect sustainable DIY project that will look great in your home or make a fantastic gift for friends and family. 

Reusing/ repurposing old clothing is an excellent way to live more sustainably. Even though 95% of discarded clothing can be recycled, nearly 73% of it ends up being burnt or in landfills, leading to environmental pollution and excess C02 emissions.     


Photo credits: ideal home.com


5. DIY Sustainable crochet face scrubbies

Wave goodbye to your single-use cotton pads or face wipes, and say hello to handmade, reusable scrubbies! Crochet scrubbies make a brilliant beginner crochet project, and they also make an ideal gift for any beauty fanatic.

We think these sustainable face scrubbies are a fantastic way to reduce your usage of single-use plastics (from cotton pads or face wipes), helping to reduce single-use plastic waste.


Photo credits- youshouldcraft .com


6. DIY hanging garden lanterns 

Why not turn a few empty glass jars into the highlight of your night-time garden party? All you need is some bendable wires, and some needle-nose pliers!

Craft a hanging formation from wire that fits around the glass jar, allowing it to hang freely. Once the jar is secured with the wire, a small candle can be inserted and hung from a porch or the tree branches to light up your garden.


Photo credits: apieceofrainbow.com


7. Sustainable linen napkins 

If you have any old bed linens or clothing that you no longer wish to keep, creating some easy DIY sustainable linen napkins is a simple, sustainable way to reuse the material whilst creating a helpful dining product that will look great in your home. What's more, these napkins can also be used as placemats- what's not to love?  

Reusing old materials is a fantastic way to decorate your home, whilst preventing products from unnecessarily ending up in landfills. 


Photo credits:themerrythought.com

8. DIY tin can plant pots 

If you have any tin cans you were planning to throw away or recycle, why not try upcycling these into some amazing DIY painted plant pots instead? 

Not only do these DIY plant pots look great but they will also help house beautiful plants that will decorate and invigorate your home. 


Photo credits: homedit.com


9. Sustainable DIY light bulb vase 

A sustainable light bulb vase is a fantastic way to use old light bulbs whilst beautifully displaying flowers or plants. These sustainable DIY light bulbs make a lovely gift or a beautiful decoration for your home.

Every year, about 600 million fluorescent light bulbs are disposed of in U.S. landfills, amounting to about 30,000 pounds of mercury waste, harming the environment through seeping into groundwater. Therefore, finding new ways to repurpose used light bulbs is sustainable. 


Photo credits: themerrythought.com

10. DIY natural all-purpose cleaner

We bet you have all the ingredients to make this natural all-purpose cleaner that will leave your home sparkling clean without the harmful chemicals used to produce shop-bought all-purpose cleaners. 

Natural cleaners are a much more sustainable option. The chemicals in many of these cleaners are known pollutants that contribute to smog, reduce the general quality of drinking water, and are toxic to animals. Furthermore, the plastic packaging used in the production of cleaning detergents contributes to plastic pollution. 


Photo credits:happyhomehappyhe


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