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We are two good mates who share a love of great tasting food and have a passion for health, on a deep foundational level. Being Aussies, we also love the odd Burger, Sausage roll or snag (Banger for you Brits) on the Barbie. What we don’t love though, is the negative stigma that sometimes comes with eating these so-called “junk” foods. We want to be able to eat the foods we love and not feel bad for it. By adding a spoonful or two of our delicious ferments to almost any meal, it instantly adds intense colour, flavour and helps contribute to your daily veggie quota. We also believe veggies needn’t be bland or boring and they can actually be the star of the show, not just an afterthought or a plate filler. We (Bottlebrush Ferments co-founders Ben and Hesh) have many things in common, but we also have our own individual drivers behind why we wanted to bring Bottlebrush to the world. Ben – I’m a personal trainer and health coach with nearly 15 years experience, having worked in one of London’s most prestigious high-end private members clubs. I also ran my own successful body transformation business in Sydney. It was during this time that I got much more into the nutrition side of things and started to notice that most of my clients suffered from some kind of gut or digestive issues. Some were quite mild and manageable, some were more serious and sometimes totally debilitating. When I lived and worked in London the first time, I worked with some amazing people in health and fitness. Some of the trainers were the best I’d ever seen, but it was the other specialists, namely a functional medicine practitioner and colonic hydrotherapist who I would spend hours with talking about the gut and its far reaching implications throughout the rest of the body.

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