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Inspired by the ancient barter system of exchange, Bamboo Barter allows you to plant a new life, with your own hands, for every toothbrush you use! 

A solid plastic handle and colourful bristles...For many years, this description housed the image of a conventional toothbrush for myself and many others! However, it wasn't until recently that the information overload made me realise of the harmful effects of plastic toothbrushes on our environment! A change was very much needed! 

With a simple solution advocated on the market, I decided to make the switch to an elegant bamboo toothbrush! Whilst I had undertaken an action in the right direction, the journey did not feel quite complete yet! For every bamboo toothbrush given by nature to make the world better, I was solely taking resources from the environment without giving anything in return. 

Inspired to reciprocate nature's kind gesture of selfless giving, actively heal the environment and complete the loop, I incepted Bamboo Barter! Reinventing the bamboo toothbrush to sprout into a beautiful plant, the aim of Bamboo Barter remains to give back our borrowing to nature in its purest form! - Founder, Bamboo Barter

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