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Founded in 2020 at Copenhagen, Denmark we had one intention which was to eliminate the wastage issue of fashion industry by innovation.

We prototype digitally to cut the wastage problem of wrong sampling and we have our patterns created digitally too. The wastage we create at the end of our each production is never thrown away we turn it into another unique and limited design. For us innovation is not limited to technology. We also like to work with innovative textiles like hemp and seaweed fiber. 

We've been featured 2 years in Copenhagen Fashion Week events, now in order to cut our carbon foot print we operate from Istanbul, Turkey where our main production is. 

All designs are made with the intention to create premium product that will last long, functional and fun. Such as our vegan soy candles which melts into a hand cream. 

  • Our clothing production

    We believe that when consumers feel a connection with the garment professionals creating their clothes, it will increase the respect and care they assign the clothes. Respect and care that ideally makes the clothing last for years.

    To ensure our products have the most positive impact on the people and communities we engage in as possible, we only use small privately-owned vendors throughout our production.

    Additionally, we have set strict guidelines for ourselves which demands that we only work with vendors that provide safe working conditions, living wages and equal pay to their employees.

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