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? Sustainability & impact

  • This product is certified climate neutral by Climate Partner Germany. We support the protection of tropical swamp forests in Rimba Raya, Indonesia, which simultaneously serve as the few remaining habitats for orangutans. Read more: 

 ?? - get 7 free Japanese bento ideas easy, healthy and sooo delicious! 

  • from vegan to meat dishes. and all free! just one click away: 
Benefits & Functionality

? dishwasher safe: Wash it up to 50°C in the top rack. (Don't put the intermediary lids into the dishwasher or remove the silicone sealing!) 

 ? microwave safe: You only want to reheat some parts of your food? No problem! Our stackable bento box with clever dividers makes it possible. Simply lift the intermediary lids and reheat your food for max. 3 minutes at max. 500W. Check out our additional sauce containers for even more flexibility! 

 ? leak proof: Our intermediary lids are fully sealed and thus allow you to carry your food in your bag without causing a big mess! 


  • bento box: 40% wheat straw and 60% PP 
  • bamboo lid: genuine olive oil coated bamboo 
  • bento strap: 70% Recycled Post-Consumer Polyester and 30% Natural Rubber 


  • 1 lid
  • 2 compartments 
  • 2 intermediary sealed lids 
  • 2 dividers 
  • 1 elastic bento strap 
  • wheat straw cutlery in a wheat straw case 

Bento box dimensions 

  • L 18.5cm x W 9.5 cm x H 10.5 cm • L 7.3'' x W 3.7'' x H 4.1'' 
  • weight: 550g or 1.21lbs
  • capacity: 2 x 400 ml (13.5 oz) = 800 ml (27 oz)

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